Today it is not just teachers who are on the lookout for ways to make extra money, and it’s no surprise. After all, professionals like teachers face an annual pay gap of $10,000 or more compared to other college graduates and other professionals such as government officials and those with college degrees are often earning less than your local supermarket cashier.

But even if you don’t need money (or want more), there’s still plenty of opportunity out there for anyone to become an teacherpreneur by transforming their knowledge into an online educational business for children or adults. This post is going to help you learn what a digital teacherpreneur is and how easy it can be—without spending thousands on courses or hiring expensive consultants.

What Is a Teacherpreneur?

A teacherpreneur (or teacherpreneurship) is someone that has transformed their knowledge into a sellable product or service, and has started a business.

Teacherpreneurs often believe in the power of education and technology to change lives, envisioning ways to make learning more relevant to their students’ lives by incorporating a business component into their curriculum. A teacherpreneur might create a website or app that allows students to learn about particular subjects through online games or interactive activities, for example. They may also offer tutoring services in subjects such as math or science after school hours; or business marketing to basket weaving! These businesses can be run from home with just one student at a time or scaled up so that they support multiple employees or staff.

Typically Teacherpreneurs create digital products to convey their knowledge to others.

What Is a Digital Product?

A digital product is an online product that is easy to market and sell. Digital products include ebooks, workbooks, online courses and more. The reason why they are so easy to market and sell is because the buyer has already made the decision to purchase your product before you even have a chance to talk with them about it.

They are also easy to update, improving their value over time as the world changes around us. And since they can be sold over and over again by all types of people, especially teachers or educators who want help in marketing their own content (like blogs) or creating new products like podcasts/video series’ etc…

Examples of Digital Products

There are many different types of digital products. Some examples include:

And more!

How to Make a Digital Product for Your Online Business

When you’re ready to start creating your digital product, follow these steps:

What is passive income?

Passive income is money you make without having to work for it. This means that as long as your product/service is out in the world, you continue to make money from it.

Passive income comes from many different sources: a book, an online course or membership site, a digital product like an ebook or video series – any kind of information product. You can also earn passive income through online coaching (whereby other people pay you for your expertise).

There’s more opportunity than ever for educators to start a business and make passive income through digital products.

Passive income is a way to make money from your business that doesn’t require you to work for it. Unlike an hourly wage, passive income is money you make from your business that you don’t have to work for. Passive income can be a great way to make money while doing what you love and building the life of your dreams.

Being a teacherpreneur is about more than just making a profit. It’s about building your own business and making an impact on the world. You can use digital products to expand your reach, gain more clients and create passive income for yourself—all while teaching the next generation of leaders.

What sort of teacherpreneur would you become?