Educating others is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, but it’s not always easy to make money. That’s why many teachers, tutors and educators are looking for ways to supplement their income online. From creating online courses, selling eBooks and membership sites, launching an app or becoming a social media consultant—there are plenty of opportunities for digital teacherpreneurs to make money online. And with some creativity and knowledge (and maybe just a little bit of luck), you could be one of them!

Teach Online Courses

You can make money from your course by charging for it, or you can offer it for free. You can use platforms like Udemy to host your course but you will lose a lot of income this way and a loss of control over how your course is sold and managed. A better idea is to create your own website and sell the courses directly from there.

You can create online courses really easily with digital marketing software like this one here.

Sell eBooks

Selling eBooks is a great way to earn passive income. You can sell your eBook on Amazon or through your own website, or both.

Again if you sell on Amazon you will probably not make that much income, again selling directly on your website is a much better idea. You can use your ebook as a lead magnet, to start building an email list from your audience.

It is always a good idea to offer the book in several formats: PDF, Kindle (for Amazon only), iBooks (for Apple devices), Nook (Barnes & Noble only), Kobo (international). This way it will be available for everyone to read on whatever device they have.

You could also include an audio version of your book, which would make it even more accessible for people with visual impairments or dyslexia or just those who prefer auditory learning methods!

That audio book, you could even dissect into smaller recordings and create a podcast which is another digital product!

Create a Membership Website

Creating a membership site is a great way to build a valued community around your niche.

You can set up an online store on your membership site to sell your own products, services and digital assets (like e-books, audio-booklets and graphics) at no charge to the customer. If you have a product that is selling well but you don’t want to commit all of your time creating it then this could be an option for you too as within 5 minutes from setting up the store people can purchase from it without any further work needed from yourself!

We know because we have a great membership here, where we help people like you build online, digital education businesses.

Teacherpreneurs Online Academy

Publish an App

Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online, but it’s not always easy to get started. You have to be able to understand how affiliate marketing works in order to earn a full-time income from it.

Affiliate programs are basically an advertising platform where you can promote products or services and get paid for doing so. You don’t have to have your own blog or website; you just sign up with the affiliate program and they will give you links that you need to place on your site(s). After someone clicks through one of those links, they’ll go through the checkout process as usual but when they make a purchase, part of their payment will be sent back directly into your account!

Become a Social Media Consultant

If you’re looking for more ways to make money online then check out this article about how teachers can make money teaching English abroad:

Sell Digital Art and Printables

Once you have your digital art and printables, you can sell them in different ways.

This is just one example; there are many other ways to make money through social media too!

Offer Web Design Services

If you have a knack for design and know your way around Photoshop or a similar program, then you could offer web design services. This can be an incredibly lucrative business if done right, but it will require some time to build up.

If you’re interested in offering your services, the first step is to create a portfolio of previous projects that shows off what you’ve done. Think about what kind of website would best showcase your skills and personality—and don’t forget to include any logos or branding materials!

Once you’ve got your portfolio set up and ready for clients, it’s time to start marketing yourself as a professional designer who does high-quality work at fair prices. Make sure people know where they can find more information about working with you and how to contact them (website, social media accounts).

Be a Virtual Assistant

As a virtual assistant, you can help your clients with anything that they need. You’ll be handling the “grunt work” so they can spend their time doing something else or just relaxing.

If you want to become a virtual assistant, start by learning how to use the right tools and software for your business. For example, if you’re helping people with their social media marketing efforts, then using Hootsuite would be beneficial for keeping track of all their accounts at once and not having to switch between tabs on different browsers all day long (or multiple times per hour).

Next up is building up your client base by creating an online presence through social media profiles like Twitter & Facebook where people are likely searching for professionals who offer these types of services; especially ones who have years of experience working for large companies like Google or Amazon before making their way into this industry themselves! Make sure these profiles are up-to-date so potential customers know exactly what kind of professional services they’ll receive when hiring someone like yourself!

Sell Your Services or Products on Teachers Pay Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace for educators to sell their work. Teachers can sell their own work or add-on to other people’s work. Many teachers use this site to sell digital and printable resources like lesson plans, vocabulary lists, bookmarks and more. Some teachers even publish their own books!

In order to make the most money on Teachers Pay Teachers you should consider the following:

With a bit of creativity and knowledge, digital teacherpreneurs can make money online.

As you can see, there are many ways to make money online as a digital teacherpreneur. There are also many ways to make money offline that can help supplement your income and grow your business. If you’re looking for more ideas or want to learn more about any of these methods, I encourage you to check out our Digital Teacherpreneurs ebook!